Being Stretched: The Biggest Thing I Ever Made.

Watch this 3-minute timelapse, showing how Shelley created two 38-foot x 5.5 foot cavasses, which she used to transform a corridor gallery at the Millennium Library into a panoramic train ride; the works fill 16 individual display cases, which together transport the viewer from wintry Winnipeg to a summer sunrise in beautiful Switzerland.

A year ago, I made this. I had a vision for this hallway, and we took an enormous leap and bought 75 feet of primed canvas. What you may not know is that the canvas came late, allowing me only a week to make it. I was absolutely terrified. I had an idea of how I would do it, taking techniques from the Timekeeping fresco series I'd done, but this was a different medium, it required unusual tools (I even tried painting the mural while riding a scooter)... and it was ginormous! (To use proper art speak.)

Anything I do to the canvas will be better than just burning it.

I told very few people about the project, and we didn’t organize an opening. I psyched myself up for it by playing mind games, imagining burning all the materials, and then telling myself,  "Anything I do to the canvas will be better than just burning it."... It was scary, exhausting, and exhilarating. I agreed to start recording footage when I saw it starting to come together.
The reaction to the work, and to this video of me making it, completely blew us away.

So, last year I gave this installation as an experience. 
This year, I want to give you the inspiration to try for things that feel completely beyond you, in 2017.

Thank you again to all the people who helped with this project. It wasn't funded by grants or corporations.  It was helped by everyday people who lent us a projector, a van, babysat our children, studio mates who lent space, helped move and staple the canvas, people who gave feedback on the video, and the many people who encouraged us and shared the video on social media.  Some of you knew little about the art world, but you had a lot of belief in me.

Thank you!  Thank you to everyone who went to the library to experience it last year.  You received what I wanted to give.

You make this worth it.

Happy 2017.