Living a Full Creative Life

Welcome to my blog! 

If you don't know me, my name is Shelley Vanderbyl and I am someone who thrives on creating and nurturing and beautifying whatever I get my hands on. When I say "beautify", it's really something specific. It has a lot to do with simplicity, authenticity and subtlety. I'll elaborate in future posts...

 I'm often met with surprise when people discover all the things I'm doing, but they are all connected and they flow from the same place. I think the more connected they are, the more they all benefit. This blog is going to be a place to share a little of my life with others; My home life, my family, my tiny house, urban garden, thoughts, and yes my art too!

Someone recently said to me, "Looking at your paintings, I get the same peaceful feeling as when I'm in your home". I feel like more and more they've become expressions of who I am and what I want to give to people. So here I am opening up my home and life a little more...

To those who don't yet know me, welcome. To those who've been to my kitchen table, welcome back. To the many friends who've lived near that I miss terribly, this is especially for you.

This is my life's work; to heal and to inspire.