To My Husband on Women's Day

Thank you for making this, of all pictures, your profiles picture.

Thank you for making this, of all pictures, your profiles picture.

Happy International Women's Day to my husband. Thank you for speaking less, so that I could speak without talking over you. Thank you for making space for me, when asserting myself was just too hard. Thank you for honoring me. Thank you for fighting unselfish battles that I don't see, for doing things that don't seem to earn you "extra" points, because it's just the right thing to do. You're my hero.

You're our hero.


Thank you men like this. You're so needed. It may feel like your own contributions make no difference to an issue that isn't easily solved, and can't quickly be championed, but you do make differences in the lives of women around you. Every time you say, "Dude that's not cool." and stick up for us, it makes a difference. Thank you stay-at home dads who don't feel like you fit into so many equations. Thank you men who tried to make things better for us, and then things didn't go as you'd hoped. It's tricky and messy, and there's so much chance of failure, and no one formula for relating to women. Thank you for just listening and responding to us as people, without summing us up by saying "Women are like this. This is how you handle/deal with/treat women" Thank you for letting us be who we are, when you don't know what your role should be. Thank you for the repeats, do-overs, and adjustments. Thank you for dancing with us, when you don't know the moves. For being creative. For having a sense of humour. Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for letting us lead, without making us lead everything. Thank you for fighting those unselfish battles we don't see, that you don't even know how to talk about.

Thank you Men.

Happy Women's Day!