Hunting for Little Evidences

Anouk's signature!

Anouk's signature!


 Some things in a home only exist when you've done a job yourself.

As much as my experience in construction has trained me to look critically at our house's imperfections, my artist eyes appreciate many of them.

This is my favourite "flaw" in the whole house.

Difficult as it was, painting door after door in our dim-lit basement with only room to paint one side of one door at a time, using the precious nap times of my first baby; It caused me to overlook these little paw prints. I'd probably have washed them off at the time, but it took a couple years after the door was installed for me to notice them behind our bedroom door. 

I love these little incidental marks, the physical evidence of life we've lived... Stories and material history. The way our surroundings hold these things...

I encourage you to look for and appreciate the evidence of life & time around you. Both are precious. 

Happy Searching!