Living With LESS So I Can Create MORE

Introducing The Small House Living Series. 

I've been invited to take part in a Blogging Series about Small House Living, initiated by Kate at The Streamlined Life. It's an honour, and I'm excited to read the posts from the other bloggers, many of whom have also chosen this road in order to free more time for creativity. I've decided to talk about 5 categories of things you don't need in a small home.  

Why we live in a small home,

In 2011, when we were feeling ready-ish to start a family, we started looking for a home. I already knew from years of nannying and growing up with much younger siblings, that after having children time would become extremely precious. I knew that I had a lot of art waiting to be made, while my husband, Danny had busy years of studying, memorizing flying procedures, and travel ahead. We sought a home that would reflect our values and minimize household tasks, deciding to remodel a tiny, falling-apart 1918 home, in an older, walkable, safe neighbourhood close to Danny's work. In the remodel, Danny saw opportunities for energy and space efficiency; I saw room for creativity! It seemed like we could dedicate time to making an efficient home we could afford, and then when children arrived, we'd have a little easier time combining art and mothering. Parenting conveniences like interior sound insulation, a central kitchen, and main floor laundry all went into the plan.  In the future I'll write about our retrofit. Danny's an RCAF pilot, so when we created our home, there was a good possibility we'd have to move in a couple years. We designed it for one baby, but with the flexibility for more. We relocated all interior walls, maximizing the efficiency of the design, allowing us to live happily in a 950 ft2 home. It's not the tiniest of homes, but for years it also included studio and storage for my art practice! We've owned it now for 6 years, have 3 children, and though we've had to keep adjusting and learning in order to make the space work for us, we love it more than ever, and I'm excited to share some of the facts we've learned about small house living!

The blog series will be shared on Tuesday June 6th! 

...Until then, you can check out my post of advice about How To Clean Up When You're Feeling Overwhelmed , something that's definitely a part of small house living, and it even walks you through some of those logistical challenges of navigating a mess in a small space.


Love from our small home,