A Simpler Christmas, The Fun Continues

It was so so nice to be able to go on outings as a family. With Danny so busy with school, we normally have to choose to do things without him, or skip it. Unless of course, our adopted neighbours have older kids free to help herd children, and we combine flocks! 


Prairie Theater Exchange


We planned an activity for Boxing Day, so we'd all have something else to look forward to after Christmas. We were given tickets to a play for children based on Robert Munsch stories, and so we bought a few extras and took another family and Astra's friend. We ended up being seated right next to another family we know, which was so fun! Lily did amazing. She yelled a bit when she got excited and loved the clapping!

Lily and Daddy. 

Lily and Daddy. 

We even managed some impromptu hosting, and had the family we invited to the play over for dinner after! That felt great. I sure have missed hosting people for dinner on a whim! On that note, Danny has evening classes on Thursdays, so you are officially invited for dinner to keep me company! 


Fort Whyte Alive

When we'd spent too much time indoors, we headed to Fort Whyte, a local nature center. We ate lunch at the cafe. I love eating there. There are huge beautiful windows with bird feeders outside, a view of the lake, a fireplace. It's set up somewhat cafeteria style, and has the same people working there most of the time, meaning my kids can go and get things and ask for things from the staff themselves, while I hold Lily. The space, with the high ceiling and beams, seems to be sound-absorbing, as I never feel bothered by noise there. My kids feel so comfortable that they spend all their time before the food arrives, visiting the other customers there, frequently meeting other families, elderly couples, or people with disabilities that enjoy the space for the same reasons we do. If it sounds like we go there a lot, we do. Sometimes just for a hot drink or muffin. When I was pregnant with Lily I started going there, instead of to hectic playgrounds and just following my kids along the paths. It seemed like the next best thing to taking a nap.


We did a couple of runs down the toboggan slide onto the frozen lake, went to the interpretive centre to look at the aquarium, and burrowing owls, and then headed to the sod house, where they were making snow taffy.


Wave Pool in Portage La Prairie,

 The Shindleman Aquatic Center, Stride Place


The timing for this worked out perfectly. It just re-opened the day before, after extensive renovations. We left after lunch and all three kids had a nap during the 45 min. drive. They were such good listeners and took directions so well in the pool. It was a fun time. One adult was able to be with the older two, and one held Lily with her life jacket. We stayed until supper, had supper on the way back, and the kids fell asleep in the van, so we just put them in bed at home! What a gift that day was. 


New Years

On New Years we headed over to a friend's house with the kids, for a pizza party and countdown to 6:08pm (Does it matter the time?) When the kids were getting tired, we pulled up the youtube countdown, pulled out the maracas and noisemakers, rolled out the bubble wrap for the kids to jump on, and got it poppin'. Lots of New Years hugs, and packed up the kids. 

Shortly after arriving home, my cousin, a.k.a. The Knotty Swede, and his family arrived from their vacation in Ontario, for a two day visit before driving back to their home. We were so happy to see family. The 6 kids went wild with excitement, but we got them all tucked away in bed eventually. We managed to stay up until midnight, huddled around a few candles, visiting in whispers so as not to wake the child sleeping on the sofa bed close by. It couldn't have been more cosy, or more hygge. 


At Home

So here we are. I think I've recorded this Christmas pretty well. Thanks to my wonderful husband for taking such amazing photos! Danny has come a long way with his photography in a short time and I'm so happy with these images! As a technical person, he has had quite the learning curve getting the hang of composition and more artistic skills, but we are learning from each other. Here I am writing a blog! He took this photo of me showing off my new book, Wabi-Sabi Welcome. Learning to embrace the imperfect and entertain with thoughtfulness and ease. I am already dreaming up some get togethers at the studio and at home in 2018, using ideas in this book. I love things that connect my art and home life, and this book totally does that for me! I wish you all the best this year. Thank you for reading, and stay warm!

Photo credit Danny Vanderbyl

Photo credit Danny Vanderbyl