About "Swooshhh..."

Swooshhh... was a mural installation, consisting of two giant 38-foot x 5.5 foot cavasses, which transformed a corridor of 16 large display cases at Winnipeg's Millennium Library into a panoramic train ride; the display cases were made into windows which looked out onto a mountain sunrise in beautiful Switzerland. 

The paintings were created from memory, from photographs, and from video footage Shelley captured during a train ride through the Alps.  

To help the public enter into the experience, Shelley captured the making of the paintings in a dramatic 3-minute timelapse video (embedded below).

Image: Friends of our family.

Artist Statement

Shelley says:

Rather than putting objects into these cases, I wanted to create something that could be entered, to transport people to a different kind of experience from their studying and research in the library.

We often go to libraries for answers. We come pursuing information about hobbies and dreams, we come to escape, or we come for change.

For whatever reason you are in the library, I want you to feel a sense of moving forward on your journey. Though you may be physically sitting or quietly shuffling through, my wish is that when you see these motion—filled views, you can have a sense of forward movement inside as well; that you can have hope with whatever questions you came with, and that you leave feeling encouraged.

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